Summers is the time when we all know that you cant get away with the sweat and everyone struggles with managing their attire. One cant skip a day to work and attire is what defines your overall performance at work. In this fast paced life, why to take the toll when have an option to book professional laundry services online. Such services come in very handy and they deliver state of the art services. It’s never gonna be a case anymore that your local washerman spoiled your last minute meeting due to un-availability of the attire you needed for the same.

5 Tips to Keep Your Cloth Clean During Summer Season

While a lot needs to be taken into account in maintaining a proper attire during summer season, Urbanzila brings you quick and easy steps which you need to follow to assure you are well prepared to meet the summer cloth rush. Here’re 5 tips one needs to follow:

  1. Use Lime while dipping in clothes before wash. This can helpyou eliminate the underlying odour and ensure proper cleaning as well.
  2. Wash in the gentlest cycle if you are using a washing machine. If you’re washing by hand, then twirl the clothes around in the water, let soak for five to ten minutes, twirl again, and hang to dry. Do not wring harshly.
  3. Do not use harsh detergent powders or liquids. Use gentle soaps. If you can, then you should use shampoo for washing cottons.
  4. Wash different colours separately. Dark colored cotton clothes often bleed dye for the first couple of washes. If you wash dark cottons with lights cottons, you’ll end up with a pile of discolored clothes.
  5. A cup of white vinegar in a drum full of water in the washing machine keeps cotton clothes from fading and preserves their brightness. Do not worry about the vinegar leaving behind an acrid smell. It does not happen as the concentration of vinegar in the water is so less.
  6. Spread cotton clothes flat to dry, or hang on a line. Best not to use a dryer. Also, do not spread or hang in the sun. Always dry cotton clothes in the shade.

Hope these tips come handy and help you ease the attire management this summer. If you are looking for someone to handle washing professionally for you, Urbanzila is just a call away for offering best laundry services with free pickup and drop facilities. Just call 9570807010

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