Placing your booking for Sofa Repair Service is easy. All you need to do is specify your requirement and select the type of sofa that needs to be repaired or fixed. After the confirmation of your booking, the service professional will contact you and he will be at your place at the scheduled time to fix the sofa. Urbanzila platform offers you 10+ services to make your life easier. To experience the hassle-free service Book Now!

Service Offered
Sofa Repair
Polishing of Sofa
General Maintenance

How it Works?
*Get sofa repair, polish, and maintenance at the comfort of your home
*Professionals with expertise in handling sofas and furniture at your service

Sofa Repair & Service at UrbanZila served 300 customer all over Patna in last 367 days. Service providers On-board on Urbanzila are approved after strict background scrutiny.