We are based portable water tank cleaner company. We provide comprehensive and highly valued solutions for water tank cleaning. We use world class technology to clean water tank Physically, Chemically and Biologically. We use 6 stage of fully mechanized water tank cleaning process with latest imported equipments, trained Manpower and Scientific methods. Our cleaners are trained, well equipped. Follow the safety norms and maintain the hygienic during cleaning process.

6 Steps Process :

  • Step 1 :  Dewatering of tank.
  • Step 2 :  Removal of sludge & muddy water from tank.
  • Step 3 :  High Pressure water Jetting with and antibacterial treatment.
  • Step 5 :  Mechanical washing of the tank
  • Step 6 :  Ultra Violet radiator to kill remaining bacteria of tank.

As we know that Water Tank Effected out Health:-

  • According to WHO around 66% diseases caused to Humans are water borne.
  • Non maintenance of Water storage tank is one of the most dangerous hazards for Urban Population.

We provide Water Tank Cleaning & Maintenance service for Residential Apartment, School, Colleges, Hospitals, Swimming pools, Shopping Centers and Industrial Premises.

Note :

  • Annual Maintenance Service is also available where 3 times in a year water tank is cleaned.
  • Rates are negotiable as per volume and frequency of the service.
  • Calculation for costing of RCC (>500 Liter tank) Height in ft. X Breath in ft. X Length in ft. X 28.3×0.16

Best Offer :-   After 5 cleaning, 1 cleaning will be free (Interval of Cleaning 3 Months)