Laundry is an essential part of our daily life. Just like cleaning the house laundry is an endless task in every household. Laundry is the washing of all our clothes, towel and bed linen. For people who are overwhelmed by this work and do not have the sufficient time the laundry services are very convenient. Usually a garment that is specifically marked as ‘dry clean only’ refers that it requires special handling and treatment. It is a clear indication that the material has to tendency to deteriorate and impair the quality of the fabric if other methods of cleaning are adopted. Hence if you happen to read this instruction in your clothing tag then the best method is to dry clean it.

Dry Cleaning –

Dry cleaning involves cleaning the clothing and garments by using a special chemical solvent instead of water to remove stains and dirt from your fabric. As the name implies dry cleaning does not involve the use of any water or soap. The cleaning substance implemented here is a liquid. All the soiled and dirty garments are dipped, soaked and cleaned with the help of this liquid substance. The fluids used in the earlier stages were highly inflammable and were considered as hazardous to use. Nowadays a solvent called as perchlorethylene is used by most of the dry cleaners Dry cleaning is absolutely necessary for delicate fabrics as they cannot withstand regular washing.

Fabric that must requires dry cleaning :

There are some fabrics that need special  care and needs to be dry cleaned only.
Silk: If the fabric contains more than 60% silk then special care must be taken to protect the natural silk fiber. These natural fibers tend to change their shape and elongate when exposed to normal wash.
Muslin & Cotton voile: These two fabric are very delicate in nature and tend to tear even if you attempt to hand wash them. Hence they need to be dry cleaned only.
Suede and soft leathers: These fabrics pose a serious problem when something spills on them. Hence it needs to be taken care of with extra care and attention by dry cleaning it.
Cashmere (Kashmiri Wool): This type of fabric is not rugged at all and hence it is wise to take it to a dry cleaning shop to ensure that it is spotlessly clean.
Embroidery, sequins and beaded garments: As extra precaution and care is needed for clothing with such fine work it is highly essential you get it dry cleaned from an experienced dry cleaner.

Stain removal: Stains are identified on the clothes and treated to make removal of these stains easier and complete.

Dry cleaning: The soiled clothes are immersed in the solvent and washed thoroughly in the machine.

Post-spotting: Any stains that still remain are effectively removed and cleaned.


Dry cleaners have started implementing and incorporating environmentally friendly dry cleaning products to ensure safe and effective cleaning and finishing processes. Dry clean your delicate and expensive clothes to ensure they are safe and clean.